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23rd October 2016
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PS Curlip is Victoria's only steam powered paddle-steamer. Recently PS Curlip was relocated from her home in Marlo to the Gippsland Lakes to undergo life saving repairs and a major restoration. Once the repairs are complete, PS Curlip will become a major tourism attraction on the Gippsland Lakes ferrying passengers from Bairnsdale along the Mitchell River and into the lakes district. 

To realize this dream, PS Curlip needs funding along with public contributions of assistance with labour, donations of time, and lots of it. 

There are many steps involved relating to the scope of the entire project, and first we need to create a lobby group to influence not only crowd funding, but to apply for Government Grants.

How can you help?

1) Follow us on Facebook

Please go to the official PS Curlip Facebook page by clicking here and hit the "Like" button. This will ensure that you are kept up to date with all aspects of the PS Curlip's progress from fund raising, community calls for help and also to show that there are strength in numbers. As a strong community voice, loud and clear, we will have a far better chance of securing much needed funding from both private enterprise, and also government alike.

2) Purchase official PS Curlip merchandise

The PS Curlip requires funds, please visit the official PS Curlip online store by clicking here and purchase fundraising merchandise. Every item purchased provides much needed funding, these funds assist with the procurement of materials and other services.

3) Volunteer time, skills and labour.

The PS Curlip also requires the assistance of labour, both skilled and unskilled. If you have some time to spare and would like to make a contribution to the PS Curlip restoration process, please follow us on Facebook where calls for assistance will be posted for scheduled works. 

4) Donate and contribute to our online crowd funding campaign

In addition to volunteer labour, the PS Curlip needs financial support, a donation no matter how large or small will go a long way to help finance and save the PS Curlip. Please click here to be redirected to the official PS Curlip crowd funding page where donations can be made.


The PS Curlip is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Gippsland Lakes, when she is up and running again, all aspects of local business will benefit. When tourists come to visit our lakes, their children will want a ride on the paddle steamer, when people come to stay, they spend money on accommodation and in local shops, they buy meals, coffee and leave money behind in our community, this results in employment.

As a community project everyone needs to get involved and help realize the dream.

On behalf of the PS Curlip committee, we thank you for your support.


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