Nancy Jean - JGS - FB36 Lakes Fishing Boat built 1936


01st October 2016
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Nancy Jean - JGS is an original Lakes Fishing boat and was built by Ted Robinson in Paynesville and launched October 1st 1936.

Originally built for Jack and George Smith; hence the original name of JGS, both Jack and George pro fished the Gippsland Lakes out of her for many years before being purchased by Ray Medling in the 1980's. Ray used her for fishing and was accompanied by his brother Peter Medling  and father Alf "Bowie" Medling.

The JGS was then sold to Rick Cove who purchased her with the vision to restore her back to her former glory, unfurtunatley due to health issues Rick was unable to realise his dream. Rick then contacted Peter Medling to to see if Peter new anyopne who may be interested in purchasing her. As Peter had a direct and personal attachment to the JGS, he decided to purchase her and completed a full restoration and in Pete's words "I have totally loved restoring her!". Peter changed her name from JGS to "Nancy Jean" in honour of his mother, the original registration remains FB36 which is "Fishing Boat 1936" 


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