Minimbah EA63 Timber Cruiser, built 1946


23rd August 2016
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Minimbah EA63 is a 32 foot timber cruiser originally built in Forster, Tuncurry, Northern NSW in 1946 by John Wright Ship Builders.

"Minimbah" was the aboriginal name for the Tuncurry district where she was built.

In the 1970's she was relocated to Lake Eildon, Victoria. After a number of years service, Minimbah was sunk.

After being salvaged from the waters of Lake Eildon, Minimbah was eventually sold and transported to the Gippsland Lakes. Grant and Kellie Ottaway have owned her since 2006 and carried out substantial restoration work in 2012.

Today, Minimbah EA63 is docked in Paynesville.

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Ernest Wright Shipyards - Tuncurry

- 28th October 2020

If this boat was built in 1946 by Wright Shipyards (1875-1958) at Tuncurry it would make it almost certainly the last boat still afloat built by these Tuncurry, NSW shipyards. Is this claim factually correct? Previously it was thought that the US Army WT 85/Protrude launched in 1944 was the last Wright built boat. (Currently undergoing restoration in Pittwater, Sydney)
Ernest Wright died in 1946, I wonder if his death was after this boat was built. Looks to be a beautifully designed and restored boat.

A true thing of beauty

- 23rd March 2017

You don't restore a vessel like this to the standard this has been restored to without becoming one with the vessel. Truly restored probably to a better standard than when originally built. I can only imagine how proud the owners are and how much tireless work and effort has gone into it.
Working in the marine industry I cross paths with many boats, ships, barges, tugs, punts, power boats, charter boats and sailing vessels, with only a few that stick in my memory for reasons of grace elegance and beauty.
This fine vessel is a stand out.

A classic lakes cruiser that is a joy to ride in.

- 28th October 2016

Minimbah is an Aboriginal word meaning "plenty of fish".


- 14th September 2016

an incredible looking cruiser that has a glow of joy about her

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