Kellie Anne FB01 Port Albert Flounder Boat, built early 1900's


06th March 2017
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Kellie-Anne is a 21’ (22’ LOA) traditional Port Albert Flounder Boat built around the very early 1900’s and is constructed from Douglas Fir and has a traditional a carvel hull with 3 clinker planks, a traditional style for the late 1890’s – 1920’s

Originally from Port Albert, a retired shipwright by the name of John Duffy found her her abandoned, upturned and being used to keep firewood dry on a farm in the township of Dargo.

John purchased her and then spent around 16 years restoring her to pristine condition. The restoration included new ribs, completely re-fastening her planking, replacing her decks and frame, a new transom and the installation of a Clae petrol motor.

Upon completion John named her Sarah-Kaye after his Grandmother and Wife and enjoyed her at Lake Tyers for about 6 years before passing her over to her new custodians.

In 2017, Grant and Kellie Ottaway purchased her from John and gave her a fresh coat of paint under the strict instructions from John that the colours were to remain the same, and were traditional for her era.

As John requested to keep the boat name, she was renamed to Kellie-Anne and is now based in Paynesville.



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