Sausage sizzle at the Grange April 6th 2019

06th April 2019

Sausage sizzle at the Grange

After many false starts the Grange sausage sizzle trip had more date changes than Brexit. Originally scheduled for the beginning of the month a date change was made to avoid a clash with the power boat racing in Paynesville, the following weekend was selected however Anemoi the ancient Greek wind Gods who don't like sausages, had other plans for the GLCBC and the trip was postponed once again.

The following weekend finally gave the Grange trip the break that it needed, we had lovely weather and a large number of GLCBC members made way to the back-lake; once the BBQ was fired up the Grange smelt better than Bunnings on a Sunday morning. Members enjoyed snags in bread “with onion” and later relocated back to the jetty for drinks, nibbles, and some good old tunes.