GLCBC - Fundraiser and donation to support the research into the Burrunan Dolphin illness

29th November 2020

Supporting the research into the Burrunan Dolphin illness 

Most Gippsland locals are aware of the sudden illness that has been affecting the health of our local Burrunan dolphin population. Regretfully this condition has resulted in the deaths of a number of these beautiful creatures, and many more are suffering.

The GLCBC has answered the call from the Marine Mammal Foundation for financial support, today the GLCBC has started a fundraiser calling on all GLCBC members to spare a few dollars to help donate towards this cause.

What have we done?

1) Initial donation

The committee of the GLCBC has stared off with a $200.00 donation to the MMF, this initial contribution, along with any other funds raised is earmarked towards this specific cause (The research program directly into the local Gippsland Burrunan dolphins). This donation falls in line with our club charter to support local causes, either commercial, personal and environmental.

2) Fundraiser

The committee of the GLCBC called for all GLCBC club members to spare a few dollars and help support this important cause. Members were able to donate at our AGM and committee elections that were held on the 12th of December. A donation bucket was available for any cash donations, furthermore any members who were unable to attend on the day were able to email our and make a donation via EFT into our club bank account.

3) IAE (Club supporter) matching donations dollar for dollar

Local business and supporter of the GLCBC "IAE" has matched "dollar for dollar" all funds donated by GLCBC financial club members, plus matching the $200 upfront GLCBC committee donation.

Total funds raised

GLCBC initial donation $200.00

GLCBC members donations $80

IAE match dollar for dollar donation $280

Total funds raised to support the Burrunan dolphins $560.00


In closing

Local Burrunan Dolphins are in trouble, they need your help. Futher information about the MMF and this cause can be found here

Thank you, the committee of the GLCBC.