Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club formed 12th June 2016

24th June 2016

Bairnsdale Advertiser newspaper article published Friday, 24th June 2016

The team behind the overwhelming successful inaugural Paynesville Classic Boat Rally in February have recently formed the Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club on Sunday 12th June 2016 for people who love classic boats.

Numerous requests from local classic boat owners had been received since the rally, indicating that such a club was well warranted.

The Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club has been formed to create a family friendly forum for lovers of classic boats, designed to encourage like-minded people of all ages to get together from time to time to discuss, view and participate in classic boating.

Owning a classic boat is not necessary to become a member. The only requirement is to have a passion for classic boats.

A classic boat is considered by the club to be a boat that is 25 years or older, or a unique boat.

Credit to Martin Richardson for the YouTube Video. Music: “Beautiful Feeling” by Paul Kelly.

First meeting held Saturday, 11th June 2016

The first meeting of the new Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club was held over the Queens Birthday long weekend at the Nicholson Retreat Hotel.

To everyone's surprise, over 60 people attended, which shows how much interest the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally has generated among the local community.

Club membership is open to everybody.

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Join the Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club
New members are always most welcome at the Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club. It is the best value yachting, boating and cruising club membership in Australia.
Committee Members
Members elected to the Committee of the Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club to manage our affairs are currently as follows.
Statement of Purpose
We are a community club based on the Gippsland Lakes who enjoy a common interest in classic boating, yachting and other marine activities.