Road trip to Mallacoota May 2018


19th May 2018
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Road trip to Mallacoota May 2018

GLCBC members have packed their tents, hooked up their caravans and invaded Mallacoota in Victoria’s far-east coast for a few days. Mallacoota provided our members with a huge amount of things to do and see.

Members spent a day on-board the 110-year-old MV Lochard with some red wine and cheese platters exploring all aspects of both the top and bottom lakes. The MV Lochard is a beautiful old girl and whilst on-board we were able to feed the Sea Eagles and tour some of Mallacoota’s historic sites.

Another destination that we visited was the underground war bunker that has been converted into a museum jam packed with all sorts of fascinating war relics and educational displays, the bunker for those who have not been, is a well worthwhile trip.

The remainder of our time was spent at the markets and coffee shops, in addition to a dinner at the local pub. Evenings were a time for rest and a relax around the campfire  sharing a nice cold bevie between friends. 

The GLCBC would also like to thank members of our sister club the Historic Port Albert Boat Club (HPABC) whose members also came along and joined in.



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