Directory of Paynesville Boat Builders and Wooden Boats


09th February 2018
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Directory of Paynesville Boat Builders and Wooden Boats, an online documentry by Bruce Reynolds and Peter Stokes.

For those who enjoy a good read about historical boat building on the Gippsland Lakes, Bruce Reynolds and Peter Stokes have documented and put together a wonderful online publication that details all of our historical boat builders and the boats constructed on the Gippsland Lakes.

The Directory of Paynesville Boat Builders and Wooden Boats is a list of some of the hundreds of wooden boats built in Paynesville since 1878, and the boat builders themselves. It seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the boat builder’s skills, craftsmanship and resourcefulness and also to remember some of their remarkable stories.

The authors hope that this publication is a beginning in a journey to commit, the all too rapidly fading memories of Paynesville’s rich boat building past, to paper. We hope that this small start encourages others to come forward and contribute their knowledge to this Directory, recording for future generations, memories of Paynesville’s rich boat building and maritime past.

Initially commenced in 2010 by Bruce Reynolds & Peter Stokes, for the Paynesville Maritime Museum, it is intended to be both ongoing and open ended. We hope over time that this record of boats and their builders, grows and becomes a valuable historical resource.

Most of the wooden boats built in Paynesville in the early days were fishing boats, but boats were also built for recreation, to go sailing, and cruising. A number of examples of these remarkable and unique wooden craft have been included.

Many of the boats recorded in this Directory have long since disappeared but fortunately many others have survived, including some that have been lovingly restored to their former glory and are once more treasured by their owners.


Click here to view the online publication, it's a great read and a job very well done.





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