Sperm Whale Head


04th June 2017
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Sperm Whale Head forms part of the Lakes National Park, and is located at Point Wilson on a landmass that from the air or on a map resembles the shape of a sperm whale.

The Sperm Whale Head parkland provides visitors with an excellent shelter including BBQ, Lighting, Toilet facilities, Benches & tables and a good sized clearing for playing games all overlooking the lakes and lagoons. The parkland and facilities have been erected on the site of the original “Barton homestead” that was managed by Mr Fred Barton.

A very large jetty provides access by boat that can accommodate a large number of vessels; in addition a good beach landing access is also available for smaller boats.

An abundance of wildlife such a kangaroos, wallabies and a diverse range of birdlife are resident at Sperm Whale Head; and the many walking tracks enable visitors to get up close to the wildlife, flora and fauna.

As Sperm Whale Head is part of the Lakes National Park, cats, dogs, firearms and camping are strictly prohibited however an overnight stay onboard boats is OK.





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