Rotamah Island


04th June 2017
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Rotamah Island forms part of the Lakes National Park and is located in-between Sperm Whale Head and Ocean Grange directly south from Paynesville.

Rotamah Island is home to a small family of wedge tailed eagles along with over 200 other bird species and today is the operating hub of the Rotamah Island Bird Observatory Inc who are the current custodians of the original Barton Homestead.

The Barton family originally settled Rotamah Island as a sheep station in the 1870s and after many owners was sold to the Victorian government in 1975.

In addition to the abundance of birdlife, Rotamah Island is also home to kangaroos, frogs and other reptiles.

A very large jetty provides access by boat that can accommodate a large number of vessels; in addition a good beach landing access is also available for smaller boats.

As Rotamah Island is part of the Lakes National Park, cats, dogs, firearms and camping are strictly prohibited however an overnight stay onboard boats is OK.






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