Nicholson River

26th August 2016

The Nicholson River is a waterway entering the eastern side of Jones Bay on the northern side of the Gippsland Lakes. By boat, you can travel upstream through some beautiful wetlands towards the township Nicholson and beyond.

The township of Nicholson provides very good jetty and mooring facilities with water, toilets and a nice parkland with good BBQ facilities. If you choose to stop at Nicholson, a walk across the old railway bridge is a must or pop into the Nicholson Hotel for a lunch, there is also a handy general store to get supplies from.

If your boat is able to pass under the road bridge, the river continues past the "Car Bodies" cliff face where the water reaches a depth of about 9 meters, and if you look closely at the cliff you can see some very old cars stuck to the side. Rumour has it that back in the 50's locals pushed a few cars off the cliff to make some fish habitat, and some did not make it to the water. The car bodies cliff is also a nice swimming hole in the summer with a nice pebble beach.

The river then continues for about another 5km winding it's way through a rural setting before eventually becoming narrow and congested with trees.

By boat you can travel almost to the Omeo Highway in Sarsfield. It's a well worthwhile trip with lots to see and do.



 Overhead power cable:

There is an overhead power cable just before the Princess Highway bridge on the downstream side, vessles with a mast need to take caution.

 Bridge heights:

Bridge clearance heights are are based upon the mean tidal level, heights and clearances will vary based upon weather, floods and tidal conditions. The data provided here is supplied by VicRoads. This information is offered as a free service, the GLCBC is not responsible for the accuracy of this information or any damage to any property caused by the use of this information. Persons in charge of vessels should always consult their regulatory authorities for the most up-to-date information.

  • Nicholson River Bridge (Princess Highway) Clearance 2.5 m
  • Nicholson River Bridge (Sarsfield) Clearance 7.0 m