Lakes Entrance

31st March 2017

Lakes Entrance is one of the largest and most popular tourist destinations on the Gippsland Lakes. 

Located on the far eastern side of the lakes district, Lakes Entrance is the gateway to Bass Straight from the inland waterways and is home to one of Victoria's largest fishing fleets. Popular with tourists especially during holiday seasons, Lakes Entrance provides visitors with a variety of cafes, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and entertainment. A visit to the Jemmy's Point lookout overlooking the entrance is a must with spectacular views spanning the eastern lakes precinct. There are a number of public jetty berths available for overnight stay in addition to general services such as water and pump out facilities. There are also a number of parklands along the waterfront that include public toilets and BBQ's that are free of charge and are accompanied by a number of timber carvings from tree stumps that reflect and respect our ANZAC tradition during WW2.


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