Duck Arm & Picnic Arm


26th August 2016
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Duck Arm and Picnic Arm are two adjoining very well sheltered waterways about 20 minutes @ 7 Knots south of Paynesville; providing a relaxing and popular boating destination catering for overnight stopovers, canoeing and light sailing. 

There are a number of public swing moorings available and can be identified by the bright yellow buoys, there is also a nice beach on your  Port side   as you 1st enter Duck Arm. The beach can accommodate a larger number of boats and is very popular in spring and summer.

Picnic Arm is on the  Starboard side  soon after you enter Duck Arm, and also provides a number of public swing moorings.

Duck Arm and Picnic Arm are very popular destinations all year round, in summer and spring for the quiet majestic weekend away a swim or a BBQ, also in winter and the more windy times of year for the shelter that they offer.


There is also a pump out station and hopper on the Port side about 1/2 way down built into a jetty.

Please also note that there are a number of jetties in Duck Arm, these are strictly private jetties and are used by the school camping groups.




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Public Swing Moorings

- 26th March 2018

Just a note to advise that public swing moorings are generally red (though there are still a few yellow ones around that will be change to red when they are next taken out for painting.)
Also there are now 12 public swing moorings in the Duck Arm, Picnic Arm vicinity. Enjoy!

Beautiful places to visit on the Lakes

- 03rd June 2017

Love the outings that the club have introduced to all boats and newbies on the lake ,forming great friends and knowledge ,and exploring ,and the occasional HELP needed when in a spot of trouble ,which can happen any time.
And to have outings monthly, weather permitting, gets the boats out of their moorings and have a good run,?
Love the life and enjoy every moment.

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