Boxes Creek

05th January 2023

Boxes Creek is a picturesque and quiet estuary providing good shelter from poor weather

Located about 2km East of Metung, Boxes Creek is the second waterway on the northern shoreline (Chinamans Creek being the first). Boxes Creek is a small but very convenient all-weather shelter. There are no public facilities on offer, all the jetties and moorings are privately owned, however there are a number of places to tie up. The first is on the port side immediately upon the Boxes Creek entrance, there is a small beach with several mooring poles and trees to secure a line. There is also a fork in the waterway, on starboard side about 200m from the entrance there is estuary where an anchor can be set and can accommodate about 3 boats. there are also a number of good trees to attach a secondary line if required.

Boxes Creek is a very pretty location, even if you are just passing Metung, it's well worth a visit for a look or a safe swim.