Bairnsdale on the Mitchell River

09th November 2016

Bairnsdale hosts a quiet and picturesque waterfront, wharf and boating destination on the Mitchell River.

Serviced by BBQ facilities, public toilets and very large sheltered picnic area, a trip up the Mitchell River is a must do for all boaties.

Furthermore, a journey up the Mitchell River is a wonderful experience, for those who chose to make the journey from the majestic silt jetties, you will pass through the break away where the river has torn away one side of the silt jetties to exit prematurely into Jones Bay. Continuing on, you will pass the incredible Bluff cliff face that is nothing less than awe-inspiring. If you have time, an overnight stay at the bluff will reward any visitor with a change in colour display as the day progresses from sunrise to sunset.

Upstream of the bluff the river winds it's way towards the city of Bairnsdale, past the old butter factory and rowing club before passing under the old railway and then highway bridges.

Just past the bridges is the Bairnsdale waterfront and sheltered areas, BBQs and public toilets all accessible by some large and very accommodating jetty facilities.


This video of the silt jetties was shot and produced by local drone photographer, Alan Martin.

 Bridge heights:

Bridge clearance heights are are based upon the mean tidal level, heights and clearances will vary based upon weather, floods and tidal conditions. The data provided here is supplied by VicRoads. This information is offered as a free service, the GLCBC is not responsible for the accuracy of this information or any damage to any property caused by the use of this information. Persons in charge of vessels should always consult their regulatory authorities for the most up-to-date information.

  • Mitchell River Bridge (Princess Highway) Clearance 6.0 m
  • Mitchell River Backwater Bridge (Howitt Avenue, Eastwood) 2.5m
  • Mitchell River Backwater Bridge (Howitt Park Footbridge) 4.2m
  • Mitchell River Bridge (Lind Bridge) 6.4m