ArcGIS Gippsland Lakes Online Interactive Mapping Tool

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24th August 2016

ArcGIS (Geographical Information System) is an interactive online mapping tool that allows users to zoom in and out of live mapping. As the map content is layer controlled, map objects are visible at selected zoom levels.

ArcGIS also provide a Name Label search tool that allows for the location identification of Swing Moorings, Jetties and other objects within the map region. This tool is free and a must have for all users of the Gippsland Lakes and surrounding waterways.

This map tool is intended only to aid safety and decision-making. The content cannot be relied upon as complete or accurate. It is your responsibility to use proper navigational skill, sound judgement and caution when using this product. By continuing you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above disclaimer of liability.

To access the ArcGIS online mapping tool, please click here