Boat Trading Post

The GLCBC trading post is a classified listing of items for sale or wanted to buy.

Items may include boats, engines, marine electronics or any other boat accessory. To post a wanted to buy or sell, please email please make sure that you include a clear item description, the location and price along with a few pictures if you are selling.

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5.4 Metre Hartly (Project Boat)

Clae 4 cylinder marinised petrol motor and gearbox
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Heat exchanger, water pump and header tank for sale.
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Mariner 3.3 hp short shaft 2 stroke (As new) (Sold)

RM54 Workboat
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TMB652 Clinker Workboat (SOLD)
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Peter Medling - Complete Boating Services - GOLD SPONSOR
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SOLD - Ships Wheel, Timber and Brass 50cm (Sold)